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The Sage

Such is the intelligence of the crow it is fooled by straws.
Solomon’s demons labour while ants devour the sage’s stick.
On high He watches the folly of His creations.
Amused by their hubris He wills.
Such is their brilliance they are fooled by knots.

# Nigeria @nigerianstat: NBS releases GDP report for Q3, 2014.

@nigerianstat: GDP rises by 6.23% year on year in Q3 2014 compared to 6.54% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Agricultural GDP grows by 4.47% year on year and 38.53% quarter on quarter

@nigerianstat: Water, accommodation & food services, health & social service, manufacturing & other services recorded fastest real growth rates in Q3 2014

@nigerianstat: Oil GDP for Q3 2014 declines year on year by -3.60% compared to growth of 5.14% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Non oil GDP rises by 7.51% in Q3 compared to 6.71% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Industry grows 5.43% year on year and 1.34% quarter on quarter in Q3 2014

@nigerianstat: Services grows by 7.61% year on year in Q3 2014, and 0.51% quarter on quarter

@nigerianstat: Agriculture has the largest contribution to Q3 2014 GDP