# Nigeria @nigerianstat: NBS releases GDP report for Q3, 2014.

@nigerianstat: GDP rises by 6.23% year on year in Q3 2014 compared to 6.54% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Agricultural GDP grows by 4.47% year on year and 38.53% quarter on quarter

@nigerianstat: Water, accommodation & food services, health & social service, manufacturing & other services recorded fastest real growth rates in Q3 2014

@nigerianstat: Oil GDP for Q3 2014 declines year on year by -3.60% compared to growth of 5.14% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Non oil GDP rises by 7.51% in Q3 compared to 6.71% in Q2 2014

@nigerianstat: Industry grows 5.43% year on year and 1.34% quarter on quarter in Q3 2014

@nigerianstat: Services grows by 7.61% year on year in Q3 2014, and 0.51% quarter on quarter

@nigerianstat: Agriculture has the largest contribution to Q3 2014 GDP


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