The Joy of Living

By Rafiq Raji

Elegushi Beach, Lagos-Nigeria(RR 2013)

What do old people think about?

You see them staring at vistas, taking gentle steps as they contemplate their pasts.

Many are sad regretting risks not taken, wondering about what could have been.

And yet the young make the same mistakes, refusing to take risks.

Worried about what could be lost instead of what could be gained.

How many that have died do we remember?

Certainly not those who refuse to question the orthodoxy.

There was an age when the World was thought flat and flight seemed a fantasy.

And yet here we are.

Would you rather you were just passing by?

And in old age strut on promenades wishing you were more daring.

Perhaps you could have been wealthy, led nations or changed some little part of the World.

But then how would you know? You never tried.

Be bold. Be daring.

Take the injuries that come as accolades.

They are testaments to your refusal to be like everyone else.

For if we were all the same , life would not be interesting.

Insist on your place. Push boundaries.

And if you do grow old, your reflections would be of surprise that you could survive so.

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