Silent noise #Nigeria

By Rafiq Raji

Nigeria youths

So we have our troubles.
But yet threaten our unity and our patriotism becomes writ large.
Yes, we’ll have our internal squabbles.
But we know which side we’ll stand on when push comes to shove.
Let those who think our fatherland is on the brink think again.

A resilient people.
A courageous people.
A daring people.
A people with swagger.
A people; clever, hardworking, generous and selfish, rich and poor, loud and quiet.
A people of contradictions.

When in our existence have we not been challenged?
From the uniformed ones to those in robes, devils all.
The one who aspires without giving all should think again.
Those who continue to sow discord using our dear faiths should beware.
For the roots we stand on are firmer than their madness.
We love life!
Is that a people that could be disenfranchised?
Those who think that our subjugation is their birthright should tread carefully.

We should ask them.
From the change coats to the aged ones.
Where are the roads we were promised?
Where are the schools we were promised?
Where is the security we were promised?
Why are the squanderers of our wealth still roaming the streets?

We should ask them.
Where are our pregnant ones?
Where are our kidnapped ones?
Where are our killed ones?
Where are our burnt ones?
Where are our displaced ones?
Complicit all, who benefits?

Yet they ask for permission to pilfer us once more.
Let the shameless ones beware.
The patient ones may yet run out of compassion.
The foolish ones may yet become wise.
The respectful ones may yet ask for account.
Let the robed ones look to their kin not afar.
Long it may take, the people may yet call them to account.

The price of silence:
Not enough roads.
Not enough schools.
Not enough security.

This time, answer with your convictions.
This time, hold them to their promises.
This time, do not be quiet.
This time, do not be fooled.

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